Children hunt world's largest venomous spider for dinner

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Children hunt world's largest venomous spider for dinner - Human Planet: Jungles - BBC One – Listening Practice

Distinguishing dinner from danger is an essential life skill. Aaah, here looks good. Few creatures have a more sinister reputation than the one they seek.

The Goliath tarantula, the size of a dinner plate, the largest spider in the world.

It's hard to imagine a less appetising meal, but picky eaters don't last long in the jungle. Hand me the leaves. Besides, Orlando says they're delicious, and handling dangerous animals comes with the territory.

From about five years old, Piaroa children know exactly where to hunt for spiders and in a couple of hours can catch enough for a decent meal.

But they have to be careful of both the huge fangs and of the hairs they kick towards any attacker. Watch out, or the hairs will sting us! If they contact the skin or are inhaled, they cause a nasty reaction. I'm getting stung. Catch it!

Orlando's come off worst. I'm really itchy. But growing up in the jungle, he's used to a little discomfort.

Let's eat them and then go to sleep.

Tarantulas are best served toasted, like marshmallows. All the hairs must be singed off so they don't catch in the throat. And when they start squeaking, which is just air escaping from the joints, they're almost done.


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