Test - Advanced – Observing others: character

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Test your knowledge in the English words from our Facebook Page – Observing others: character:

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Exercise 1:

1. What is the opposite of approachable?

2. What word is stronger way of saying obstinate?

3. If someone is diffident, do they have lots of or little self-confidence?

4. How could you describe a greeting that showed exaggerated pleasure?

5. Is scrupulous the opposite of unscrupulous?

6. Which tends to be more negative, impetuous or impulsive?

Exercise 2:

Write the noun forms of these adjectives:

e.g. adjective: excitable noun: excitability







Exercise 3:

Rewrite the sentences. For example, use a noun instead of verb and vice versa.

1. Larry shows a lot of reserve, while his sister is known for her approachability.

2. I’m a person who buys on impulse rather than thinking about what I really need.

3. He was a man of great garrulousness, and taciturnity is a word I would never associate with him.

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