New Year Poem – Imitation Exercise

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New Year

I come nameless. You give me a name!

I come empty! You give in me fruit!

I will be such as you 

will carve me

in your life!

Happy New Year called me

those, who don’t know

that I’m an empty vessel.

I’m an empty field, which only labour

can turn into a flower garden!

Joy await from me those

who have their hearts

into the destiny deceitful

I’m a sweeping stream and golden sand

is hidden in my bed,

golden sand for brave hands

I take and give.  Raise and take down!

I lead to God and drag to hell.

I clean the souls and cover them with the mud of sin

I drown and bathe – a miracle river!

I come nameless. You give me a name!

I come faceless amidst you in the world.

I will be such as you, people

will send me into the eternity!


Translated by Dimita


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