Goals Mastery Group Program

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Improve Your English with Goals: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible book by Brian Tracy and coaching from the English teacher and life coach Dimi in our Goals Mastery Group

What you get by joining:
1. Feedback on your spoken English – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary (in a pdf file)
2. Supportive environment – being in a group with like-minded people

Plus Bonuses :-)
1. Life coaching from Dimi – Accountability, Inspiration and Support
2. The Master Mentality videos and mp3 files
3. The Daily Ritual of the Master - pdf files
4. An E-book
5. Additional challenges to learn and grow

Your Responsibilities
1. Every week to read, listen or watch the required material
2. To create a video (or an audio) to it – minimum 4 min, maximum 10 min – answering the two main questions:

1. LESSONS: What lessons have I learned from reading, watching or listening to the required material?
2. THIS WEEK: How can I use this knowledge to make my life better? What actions will I take this week?

3. Every Sunday – To do a weekly review in a writing form (I’ll send you a specific pdf file for it)
Reminder – The focus is on actions and on mastery!

Join Our Goals Mastery Group – You don’t lose anything, you can only win by joining it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/goalsmastery/
You can watch and read some of the material there. If you want to get feedback on your speaking and all of the bonuses, join the special Goals Mastery VIP group.

The special VIP group is available only for 6 people. So hurry up :-)

If you have any questions, please, do let me know.

Dimi – the best English teacher I have ever met and the best coach who believes in me, who has helped me to find my passion and teaches me not to give up in difficult moments.
My life has really changed in all areas (job, love, self-development) and I am grateful to Dimi for that.
Olya, Russia

Dimi is a great teacher. She is very attentive and patient. She finds different interesting and comfortable variants for your studying. She is a very creative person. Dimi inspires you and gives many positive emotions and makes your studying easy, positive and bringing results. I recommend Dimi to my friends.
Galina, Russia

Dimi - is a teacher of dream! I liked our lessons, style of teaching and even doing homework! I've improved my level so much that I'm able to work in an international team abroad! Also, all of the English-speaking world is now open for me!
Daria, Russia/Finland - Satisfied and full of good mood customer!

You can read more testimonials and find more about me here


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