Life is beautiful – Story

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I live in Ohio, US. The weather in spring is very changeable here. It can be pleasant and dry, but we often have showers. Even the weather forecast for today is for heavy rain, perhaps with thunder and lightning.


I’m walking down the street. It is exactly 3.15 pm now. The wind is blowing. I feel miserable. I’m under the weather. I go to the drugstore to buy Band-Aid and a box of tissues.


My next stop is the clothing store. I want to buy something new - to lift my mood. I’m trying on a pink tank top in the dressing room. It is lovely, but it is too tight. I ask the sales clerk for a bigger size. He shows me a crop top Open-mouthed smile, however, in a purple color. It looks really nice! And it turns out it suits me very well. I love it! I take it and go to the register at the front. I pay in cash. I get my receipt and go out of the store. I’m very happy. Life is beautiful :-)


Outside, it is pouring rain



*changeable = changing a lot

**dry – opposite wet

***shower = a short period of rain


*miserable = extremely unhappy


*try something on = to put something on to see if the size is right

**dressing room (American English) = a place where you try something on

***register (short for "cash register") (American English)

Nowadays, the vast majority use credit or debit cards. Only about 30% use cash (like me Open-mouthed smile) and generally for small purchases.


conveyor belts

See also the picture in this link



1.    Practice the new words with the exercises from Life is beautiful.pdf file

2.    Prepare to retell the story

3.    Additional task - Create your own story using the words in bold


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