How could it that be??

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In order to enhance the level of my Russian and German, I’ve started reading books in Russian and in German – each morning for 40 minutes and each night before going to bed. I really love my reading experience with the e-reader Kobo.


But what a strange thing I’ve noticed! - After finishing the reading, no matter of the language, my thoughts keep coming to me into English. I have been wondering - Why is that? What could be the reason for that? Why is English the prevailing language for me?


I’ve noticed that even when I communicate with my family and friends, my thoughts are a mix between English and my native language. And sometimes, I use words like by the way, actually. Of course, all this is involuntary, spontaneously. Sometimes, it happens also that I forget basic words in my native language and as a result, I fall into many awkward situations. How could it that be – to forget your own language living in your home country?? If someone would tell me that before, probably, I would laugh in disbelief. I used to be the best student in my class at languages and literature. I’ve realized that I was the best, because I practiced regularly. Each day, when I came back from school, I read a book. We had an impressive collection of books at home. So I had the pleasure to dive into this enchanting world since very early age. However, not only reading, my practice also consisted of writing. I didn’t do that because someone forced me to do it or imposed that on me. I did it because I was fascinated. I was keen on those subjects. Moreover, I was in love. And when you are in love, you want to know, you want to be as much as possible with the subject of your love. So back to my main question - How could it that be – to forget your own language living in your home country?? – I’ve reached the conclusion that practice is the answer. I use English on a constant basic, daily and I use it even more than my native language. Of course, my work is connected with English. Every day, I communicate in English, I teach in English. That involves a preparation for the lessons, too. I need to look for different interesting materials.  I need to keep up to date with the latest developments in my field. But apart from my job, I do everything else in English, too :-) For example, I’m interested in music and in personal development. I search on the net information about that in English. I read blogs, articles. I listen to podcasts. I watch videos or movies. My mobile is in English, my computer system, as well. And if for some reason, I need to switch to my native language on my electronic devices, it feels weird to me…So practically, I’ve surrounded myself with English language. At times, it happens so that I use English 90% of the day.


But what if your job is not connected with English. Prior to working as an English teacher, I was a computer designer. Instead of background music, at my work place, I listened to English stories. And that was each day. At home, when I was cooking or doing the housework, I listened to English radio. I did that every day. I was consistent with my practice and the results were amazing. Practice makes perfect


The point is that it’s not compulsory to go to an English speaking country to learn English. Certainly, it could help, but you can create an English environment at your home, in your life, too.


I hope my personal story has motivated and inspired you to strive to reach new horizons and be better and better!


Retell the story using the words:

1. to enhance the level of something
2. prevailing language
3. involuntary
4. fall into many awkward situations
5. laugh in disbelief
6. to dive into this enchanting world
7. imposed something on somebody
8. fascinated by something
9. keen on doing something
10. reach the conclusion
11. to keep up to date with the latest developments
12. apart from
13. prior to something
14. strive to reach new horizons and be better and better!


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