Word of the Day – queue – a little story :-)

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A little story from London


I was in the local shop waiting in the queue when two men came and directly went in front of the queue. They said “We don’t know what queue is. There isn’t such a thing in our country”. Later, when it was explained to them that they need to take their turn like everyone else, they went to the back of the queue but began to push and shove, and jumped the queue!


queue British English = line American English

be/ stand/ wait in a queue

the front/ head/ back/ end of a queue

jump the queue (British English)

(American English jump the line)

= to go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn

It makes me mad when someone jumps the queue (= goes straight to the front)

Just wait your turn - there's no need to shove.

shove = to push someone or something in a rough or careless way, using your hands or shoulders

Reporters pushed and shoved

to queue (up) British English = to line up American English

We had to queue up for an hour for the tickets.



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