The dog and the cat story

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a/ an or the - Fill in the missing places

_________ dog and _________ cat were neighbors and good friends. _________ dog envied _________ cat, because _________ cat did as he wished and did not have to follow _________rules and obey his owner’s commands, but yet was still loved and treasured. He decided, he was going to be _________cat.

So, he told everyone he was no longer _________ dog and had decided to become _________cat. After one week he went to his friend _________ cat and said, "I envy you so much my friend, that I decided that I wanted to be _________ cat, too. I told everyone that I was no longer _________dog and am now _________cat. Yet, everyone still treats me like _________ dog. What should I do?"

_________ cat thought about it for a few minutes and replied, "First my friend, you should never allow anyone or anything to define who you are – that is your responsibility. Second, it is not whether we are _________dogs, _________cats, or _________humans that makes you special. It is _________ kindness and _________compassion that we show to all other living things that makes one special. Thirdly, just telling people to treat you differently is not enough, you must first change _________ things you do. Besides, if you become someone or something else, I would miss you."

Thanks for this great story written by my friend Terry Fields and thanks for the pic

Not sure who got on the couch first – _________dog or _________ cat? Smile

The dog and the cat story


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