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I had never felt so nervous before in my life… It was my first appearance on stage and I felt a nervous wreck*. There remained only two minutes before my turn. I was pacing** nervously up and down the place behind the curtain. My palms sweated, my adrenalin began to pump and my heart was beating so loudly, I thought the whole world could hear it. At the very last minute, I even thought to give up. I was shaking in my shoes***…
Suddenly, out of the blue****, there came to me one unknown man – a complete stranger to  me, smiled at me and said: “_____________________”! These words gave me so much ___________ that I appeared on the stage completely transformed. The performance _____________  ____________ . I couldn’t believe that the audience rose to their feet for my curtain call*****!
And among the audience there was that man who had helped me earlier. He smiled at me like before as if to say: “Just keep believing in yourself! Never give up”!
Who was that man I couldn’t find out but his appearance and his words I would never forget!

How will you fill the missing words? What will be your words?

1. wreck - (informal) a person who is in a bad physical or mental condition
2. pace - to walk up and down in a small area many times, especially because you are feeling nervous or angry
3. shake in your shoes - (informal) to be very frightened or nervous
4. out of the blue - completely unexpected
5. curtain call - the time at the end of a performance when the actors come to the front of the stage to receive applause


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