Unexpected present :-)

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Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. Her boyfriend had given her a very huge present with the size of a television set. It was amazing. “What could it be?” Emma began impatiently to open it. As soon as she opened the box, she saw that the present was covered with very beautiful wrapping paper. She removed it, but beneath it, it was another one, and then another one. The present was wrapped with many pieces of paper.

Ten minutes passed, and Emma was still unwrapping her present, wondering what it could be. She was burning with curiosity. Her heart was pounding.

Finally, with trembling hands she removed the last sheet of paper and to her surprise there was…a beautiful _______ and a note attached to it: “_______”? It was so lovely, so unexpected that it made her cry.

It was the most wonderful gift she had ever dreamed about!

What do you think - What are the missing words in this story? What did Emma receive? And what were the words to the note? :-)


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