Ghost story

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Lydia looked out of the car window and thought to herself, “Is it never going to stop raining?” Her parents had gone to the nearby shop and had left her alone in the car. She waited them for what seemed like an eternity. It was dark outside and it was raining very heavily. She felt lonely and frightened. Suddenly, she heard someone’s giggle*.

“Hello, Lydia. How are you?” said the voice.

“Who are you?” mumbled** Lydia.

“My name’s John. I’m a ghost.”

“Really?” said Lydia. Her eyes were opened in great amazement.

“Yes, I’m a real ghost. And I want to buy your soul”, said the ghost and sniggered***.

“My soul is not for sale,” whispered the girl.

“I will give you a lot of money for it. Will you give it to me for $3 000?”

“No”, Lydia was shivering with fear.

“What about $3 000 000? Do you agree?”

What was Lydia’s answer? What do you think? Did she agree or not? Who was the winner in that conversation?


* giggle /ˈgɪgl ̩/ = to laugh repeatedly in a silly way because you are amused, embarrassed, or nervous

** mumble /ˈmʌmbl /= to talk in a way that is difficult to hear

*** snigger /ˈsnɪɡə(r)/ = to laugh unkindly and quietly, especially at something that is not meant to be funny


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